Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Hello!! My name is Michelle, also known as Peach. My boyfriend Tony is known by his cute little niece as Tody...thus we are Peach and Tody:-) We have been in London for just 5 months now, but it feels like 5 weeks. Time really really flies here in this crazy town. We are both from Johannesburg, South Africa. We are enjoying our experience here and also working our buts off. We are in the hospitality industry so we work long hours. I am Reservations Co-ordinator for The Hempel which is a 5 Star boutique hotel in Bayswater, London. Tony is about to finish as Assistant Food and Beverage Manager for a restaurant in East Putney and begin his journey in the Meetings and Events Department also at The Hempel. Hotels make you crazy. You have to question why you do it sometimes, but the constant action and drama keeps it exciting! Tony and I have been together for 15 months now and it has been great!! One thing I have learned about relationships is when in doubt ask yourself the question "Can you do more with him or without him" - in most instances you will say more without him, but in this case definitely more with him! He spoils me - cooks and cleans, hes funny and a looker. I have hit the jackpot:-D Anyway, moving on....and as this blog has to end sometime....I will end this with Welcome to the journey of Peach and Tody. We will let you in on all our amazing experiences here in London Town. The amazing plans for 2009 as of now:

France and Amsterdam in June with Becca and Josh
Arizona in August to see my parents and my old home town
South Africa in September for Tonys mom's wedding and to catch up with friends and family.

What a year!!

We will keep you posted...